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SAVE LARVIK HK: Famous Norwegian club fight to exist until May 11

Larvik HK lost Norwegian title after 16 years, but something worse could happen after May 11. Financial problems of the most famous Norwegian team became media topic with the clear conclusion that “if 3.000.000 (310.000 EUR) Norwegian crowns won’t be found until May 11, club will dissapear”.

Legendary Gro Hammerseng-Edin played for several years in the Norwegian top club Larvik.

“It’s very sad … We’ve ended up in a very serious situation, but I’m so naive that I still believe it’s possible to save the club. There are quite a few in the local area who want to contribute”

The way how fans and sponsors can help club in the next two weeks is purchasing “Larvik package” which consist of season tickets, sponsorships and kick off tickets. 

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