Season is over, but no Champions in Switzerland

Swiss Handball Association has announced that domestic League is over without promoting champion. Accordingly, there are no champions, no promoters and no sporty relegation in the current calendar year.

  • The 2020/21 championship will start with the same starting position as the 2019/20 championship.
  • Due to the exceptional situation, all clubs are given a deadline until March 27 to decide whether they want to relegate to teams knowing the decisions made or whether to withdraw teams with a promotion to the next season. The e-mail with the relevant information follows directly from the “Match Operations and Referees” department to the clubs.
  • Voluntary relegations will not be replaced for the 2020/21 season. The next championship will be started in affected leagues with a reduced number of teams, provided teams descend voluntarily.
  • The semi-annual championship played until the end of December 2019 will be counted in the youth division and the results will be used in the planning for the coming season. All information regarding the junior championships in the 2020/21 season will also be sent directly to the clubs by email from the “Match Operations and Referees” department.
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