Wiederer’s message to handball community

The chairman of European handball Federation, Michael Wiederer, sent the message to the whole handball family via official website:

“The European Handball Federation, with all its technical & administrative bodies, and office personnel, is fully aware of the current situation regarding the spread of SARS-CoV-2 from the overall perspective.

“At the same time, in different nations, different rules apply according to the situation taking into consideration the decisions of the authorities, whether legally binding or in the form of recommendations.

“We have carefully monitored the developments, in particular those referring to sports, and the consequences. In this respect, last week the EHF applied several measures, which have a temporary effect on European competitions and events.

“The decisions took all information available at the time into consideration in order to protect individuals, clubs, and national teams, but as well to minimise economic damages and unforeseeable consequences. This is a situation related process, and will continue until further notice.

“It goes without saying that we share the interest to organise our sport as soon as possible, and at the same time that it be organisable.

“We will therefore continue to monitor the situation and as well analyse possible scenarios for each competition or event separately.

“Taking reference to the measures introduced by the governments, and understanding that different timetables apply for different countries and regions, it does not seem very feasible to make conclusions within the next three weeks.

“Specifically regarding the EHF Office in Vienna, we want to inform that the Austrian government implemented concrete limitations for the movement of people, and strongly recommended not to carry out any business, which is not absolutely necessary.

“This has affected public life including the closing of shops and the recommendation of home office for companies. Consequently, as of today the EHF Office has introduced a home office system with only key personnel being present in the office building.

“We will regularly update on the general situation, with all respective information to be published on the EHF homepage and its social media channels, and can assure you that work will be continued ‘behind-the scenes’ to look ahead and in order to be ready for the upcoming activities.

“Wishing you all the best and, above all, good health in these difficult times.”

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