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SEHA League with 10 teams without Serbs!

SEHA League goes to the second season. Despite financial troubles and weak organisational performances, the first season is finished by triumph of Vardar Skopje at F4 tournament in “Zagreb Arena”. League still don’t have Main sponsor, what means that teams have to pay all the costs of competition, accomodation and traveling, which are “too high” for Serbian teams. RK Partizan, RK Vojvodina and RK Metaloplastika made decision to stay out of the competition.

Serbian Super League is the only League who didn’t make necessary changes in competition rules last season, so Serbian teams in SEHA, Metaloplastika and Crvena Zvezda had to play domestic League and SEHA in the mixed schedule.

Other Leagues (Croatia, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovakia) did that, so the teams played only in the Play Off of the domestic Championships.

This year, Belarus vicechampion, Meshkov from Brest joined SEHA, so we will have 10 teams in the competition:

– RK Sloga Doboj (BiH)

– Brest HC (Belarus)

– RK Lovcen Cetinje (Montenegro)

– RK Metalurg Skopje (Macedonia)

– RK Nexe Našice (Croatia)

– RK Borac Banja Luka (BiH)

– Tatran Prešov (Slovakia)

– HRK Izvidjac Ljubuški (BiH)

– RK Vardar Skopje (Macedonia)

– RK Zagreb (Croatia)

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