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SEHA statistics: Antl TOP scorer, Mikler best goalkeeper

Hungarian best team MKB MVM Veszprem almost secured the first spot in the regular part of the season in SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League three matches before the end. Boys of Antonio Carlos Ortega celebrated their 15th victory in a row against the team from the bottom of league table, RK Borac Banja Luka 32:18, and now, need only a point in the last three clashes to finish first before F4 tournament, which will be held in Porec (Croatia) or Veszprem Arena in the last week of March.

It seems that also goal scorer’s race is also ended with a triumph of HC Tatran Presov’s left wing Radoslav Antl, who scored 84 goals, 16 more than Veszprem’s star Momir Ilic…

Here are the TOP 10 scorers:

1.Radoslav AntlTatran Prešov8412 (12)7,0084/9588%
2.Momir IlićMKB-MVM Veszprem6812 (12)5,6768/10664%
3.Dainis KristopansTatran Prešov6612 (12)5,5066/10066%
4.Milan ĐukićBorac m:tel5612 (11)4,6756/8467%
5.Gasper MargučMKB-MVM Veszprem5414 (13)3,8654/6879%
6.Can CelebiNexe5313 (13)4,0853/10252%
7.Nemanja GrbovićRadnički5010 (10)5,0050/6379%
8.Luka StepančićPPD Zagreb4710 (10)4,7047/8456%
9.Renato SulićMKB-MVM Veszprem4613 (13)3,5446/6175%
10.Dobrivoje MarkovićVardar4512 (11)3,7545/6866%

It is also interesting to see which players had most shots in the first 15 rounds of SEHA GSS…

1.Srđan TrivundžaBorac m:tel12 (12)43/10640,6%3,58
2.Momir IlićMKB-MVM Veszprem12 (12)68/10664,2%5,67
3.Can CelebiNexe13 (13)53/10252,0%4,08
4.Dainis KristopansTatran Prešov12 (12)66/10066,0%5,50
5.Radoslav AntlTatran Prešov12 (12)84/9588,4%7,00
6.Milos OrbovicVojvodina14 (14)41/8946,1%2,93
7.Sergei GorbokVardar13 (13)42/8648,8%3,23
8.Luka StepančićPPD Zagreb10 (10)47/8456,0%4,70
9.Milan ĐukićBorac m:tel12 (11)56/8466,7%4,67
10.Christian ZeitzMKB-MVM Veszprem14 (14)45/8056,3%3,21

The guy with the biggest percent of saves and saved shots as well is Hungarian star Roland Mikler.

1.Roland MiklerMKB-MVM Veszprem15 (12)153/36841,6%10,20
2.Ivan StevanovićPPD Zagreb11 (9)78/20737,7%7,09
3.Strahinja MilićVardar12 (10)94/26335,7%7,83
4.Arpad ŠterbikVardar8 (5)47/13335,3%5,88
5.Ivan PešićMeshkov Brest9 (8)73/21334,3%8,11
6.Mirko AlilovićMKB-MVM Veszprem10 (7)61/18233,5%6,10
7.Petar MisovskiMetalurg4 (4)20/6232,3%5,00
8.Petar AngelovVardar10 (8)59/18432,1%5,90
9.Nikola MitrevskiMetalurg12 (11)56/17831,5%4,67
10.Filip IvicPPD Zagreb2 (2)18/5831,0%9,00
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