Serbia, Montenegro want Nikola Karabatic in their national team

The on-going betting affair that surrounds Nikola Karabatic has also brought many speculation about his future in the national team. First with the option to play for them, came from Serbia’s national team coach, Vesellin Vukovic, who said that contemplating that Karabatic is born in Nis, all the formalities would be done very fast and he would gain the citizenship at fastest possible.

The latest speculation say that Karabatic through his manager contacted that leading persons in the Montenegrin Handball Federation, and that this information was confirmed for “Dnevne Novine” by the general secretary, Predrag Pavicevic. The possibility to play there is because apparently from his father’s side, Nikola’s grandmother is born in Budva.

However, even if he gets any citizenship of these two countries and desires to play for them, he will have to wait until 2015 to be able to play.

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