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Serbian stars decline comeback to NT

Momir Ilic, Marko Vujin, Alem Toskic, Ivan Gajić and Nenad Vuckovic won’t be a part of the Serbian national team for the upcoming matches against Poland in Gdansk and Belarus at home in Nis. Most of the Serbian stars who havent been a part of the national team in the last year under coach Dejan Peric, responsed negatively to new-old coach Jovica Cvetkovic who led NT between 2006 and 2009.

A good news for Serbian fans before away clash with Poland in Gdansk on November 3 is comeback of Rastko Stojkovic, experienced line-player, but also left wing Dobrivoje Markovic, goalkeeper Strahinja Milic…


  1. Milić Strahinja goalkeeper VARDAR (MKD)
  2. Cupara Vladimir goalkeeper ABANKA ADEMAR LEON (ESP)
  3. Arsić Darko goalkeeper METALURG (MKD)
  4. Ilić Nemanja left wing TULUZ (FRA)
  5. Marković Dobrivoje left wing PPD ZAGREB (CRO)
  6. Đukić Darko right wing VIVE KILCE (POL)
  7. Radivojević Bogdan right wing FLENSBURG (GRE)
  8. Šešum Žarko back GEPINGEN (GER)
  9. Rinić Momir back MELSUNGEN (GER)
  10. Abutović Ilija back VARDAR (MKD)
  11. Nenadić Petar back FUKSE BERLIN (GER)
  12. Đorđić Petar back FLENSBURG (GRE)
  13. Zelenović Nemanja right back MAGDEBURG (GER)
  14. Terzić Stefan right back BENFIKA (POR)
  15. Stanojević Aleksandar right back AL AHLI (KSA)
  16. Stojković Rastko line-player MESKOV BREST (BLR)
  17. Marsenic Mijajlo line-player VARDAR (MKD)
  18. Nikolić Zoran line-player KONSTANCA (ROU)
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