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SL Benfica with Ristovski, Toft Hansen, Djordjic and Nyokas looking for the first title since 2008

It will be very interesting to follow the upcoming season in Portuguese handball. Obviously more money is injected in the best Portuguese teams – Sporting CP, FC Porto Sofarma and SL Benfica, which brought some very interesting names there.

Benfica’s coach, national handball legend, Carlos Resende, can count on few new names which can give his team chance to think about winning the first domestic Championship since 2008.

The newcomers are Carlos Molina, but also international profiles like Danish line-player Rene Toft Hansen and Serbian left back Petar Djordjic.

  • Our goal must be to win every game, that is, if we win every game we get what we expect, which is to win the championship. Internally, we have the National Championship and the Portuguese Cup, and then we’ll have the EHF. Last season we had a brilliant Portuguese team in the final four, so it makes no sense with the team we’re building, with the most- national and international athletes, we talk about not winning; the goal is also to conquer the EHF, said Resende for official club’s website.

SL Benfica ended on the third place in season 2018/2019 behind FC Porto and Sporting CP


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