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Slavko Goluza on “Balkan Group”: Be aware of Tunisia

Slavko Goluza as Croatian national team coach was present in Doha. After Croatia were drawn in sort of “Balkan Group”, he gave the following statement for

– I had a feeling that we will end up in such a group. I wished for Qatar, but we got these other teams – Austria, Macedonia and Tunisia, not even slightly naive teams. Austria is getting better, and we had lots of problems with them at the EHF EURO 2010. Macedonian players play in the Champions League with Vardar and Metalurg. Tunisia needs not too much commenting. They in good position, if not the best, they have lots of time to prepare. A colleague of mine told me that they will have 35 days to prepare, while we have only 10. They are led by Jaellouz, the new Barcelona player. I have no doubt that Sead will prepare them well for the WC – said the Croatian national coach and adds:

– Iran and BiH are also here, games that have to be played without any underestimation of the opponent. I respect Bosnia and Hercegovina that left one Iceland without a WC. These are teams that can play against anyone. A bad day can destroy your hopes. The group seems easy, but is not naive.

Which is the strongest group?

Group D. Again Polish are to face the Germans, and Danish are here too. It’s good that we cross with Group A, because we avoid Danish and French…

Will Croatian return to the podium?

– I always set higher goals, but first we need to pass the group stage. We’ll go step by step. We have to be humble, we know out situation. We respect everyone, but we want the best…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Klondyke

    25. July 2014. at 12:33

    Its the first time I have heard him say something positive. Maybe he just needed the holiday 🙂

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