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SPAIN AGAIN! Ribera’s boys at the TOP of Europe!

Spain are again the winners of the Men’s EHF EURO! Spaniards became the second team who defended EHF EURO title after Sweden between 1998 and 2002.

In the big final in front of 19.000 fans at Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm, team of Jordi Ribera beat Croatia 22:20 (12:11) after tight finish in which technical mistake of Igor Karacic and goal of Alex Dujshebaev were decisive moments.

Aleix Gomez with five goals was the TOP scorer in the winning team.

Spain – Croatia 22-20 (12-11)

Spain: Aleix Gomez 5, Jorge Maqueda 3, Raul Entrerrios 2, Alex Dujshebaev 2, Daniel Sarmiento 2, Joan Canellas 2, Julen Aguinagalde 2, Ferran Sole 1, Iosu Goni 1, Adrian Figueras 1, Angel Fernandez 1.

Croatia: Domagoj Duvnjak 5, Igor Karacic 4, Luka Stepanancic 3, Marino Maric 3, Zlatko Horvat 2, Marko Mamic 1,  Ilija Brozovic 1, David Mandic 1.

Mandatory Credit © Anze Malovrh / kolektiff

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