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Spain and Norway are EURO Beach handball champions!

Spain and Norway celebrate their Beach Handball Champions! Two countries won gold medals at European Beach Handball Championship in Croatia, after years of trying to get on the TOP. Spain beat Russia 2:o in the men’s final clash, while Norwegian girls outplay Poland 2:0 for the gold.

The bronze medal won Croatian male team, who was taking last four European golds, but lost the one at home after semi-final defeat over Russia.

The most successful nation of the event on Jarun Lake in Zagreb is definitely Spain. The Spanish girls won bronze medal!

At the end of the Beach Handball EURO 2017, the All-stars of the final tournament were named.

For the men, Russia’s Anton Zabolotskyi claimed the best goalkeeper award, while Hungary’s Andras John became MVP. The Fair Play award went to Germany.

In the women’s tournament, Denmark Sandra Mittet became best goalkeeper, Norway’s Maren Aardahl was awarded MVP. The award for the fairest team was given to Italy.

Top scorer in the women’s were the Netherlands’ Eefke Ter Sluis with 152 points and Ukraine’s Igor Kopyshynskyi with 181 points in the men’s event. Norway’s Maren Aardahl had also scored 152 points, but while Ter Sluis had scored 74 2-point goals, Aardahl had ‘only’ scored 73.

Earlier beach handball fans across the globe had the opportunity to vote for their personal All-stars of the event. In this non-official mixed vote Croatia’s David Heningman was selected best goalkeeper and Greece’s Nikolina Kepesidou became best specialist.

Jörn Wolterink from Germany and Jesper Knutsson from Sweden completed the fans’ All-star Team.

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