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Spanish EHF F4 Final: Ciudad Real-Barcelona!

At the LANXESS Arena in Koln tomorrow we will see a Spanish final, as Ciudad Real cruised to what seems a rather easy victory against Barcelona. The Talant Dushebayev’s team will be tomorrow seeking their 4th Champions League title, as HSV will have to be happy with their Bundesliga champion success for this season.

We had an interesting and very tough played first half, with the goalkeepers making very good saves, and after the 10 minutes the score was equal 4-4 after HSV had early leads, and at the 11th minute for the first time in this game Ciudad Real took the lead after Kiril Lazarov scored his 3rd goal, for 5-4 for Ciudad Real. HSV called a timeout in the 18th minute, after Ciudad took a 7-5 lead, two-goal lead for the first time. HSV managed to consolidate themselves a little, but Ciudad however showed why they’re were dominating Spain for the past 3-4 years, pressed even more, and at half-time went with the 2-goal advantage, 12-10, Kiril Lazarov leading the team with 4 goals.

Early in the 2nd half, Ciudad Real took its biggest lead so far, through Rodriguez for 17-12 in the 35th minute. Ciudad Real even managed to get a 6 goal lead, but HSV showed why they are the German champions this year, and at the 45th minute, the Ciudad lead was down to 3 goals, at 22-19. Five minutes later, at the 50th minute, Ciudad calls for a timeout, after HSV got the lead down to 2 goals only. The timeout tactics work out, and Ciudad is back to a formidable lead, taking a 24-20 advantage with 8 minutes to go until the end of the game, and now it’s Martin Schwalb’s turn for a timeout. Lackovic scores a goal in the 55th minute to cut Ciudad’s lead down to 24-21, with only 5 minutes and 29 seconds to go. That’s the most we saw from HSV. Ciudad scored three times in a row, and had 27-21 with 3 minutes to go, and the winner is sealed. The final score is 28-23 for Ciudad.

The topscorers of this game were Entrerrios and Abalo with 6, while Lazarov scored 5, and also magnificent defences were made by Hombrados.  Hans Lindbergh and Stefan Schroder were the HSV leading topscorers both with 5 goals.

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