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Kiril Lazarov (Ciudad Real): “With team work we won” made an exclusive interview with Kiril Lazarov, the Ciudad Real shooter, right after the match. He was very pleased with the team’s success and said it was the team work that helped the team win.

HP: What are your impressions, and what was decisive in your team’s victory?

Lazarov: It wasn’t so easy as it seemed, especially as we had many problems in the first half. In the second half however, we managed to consolidate our game and with hard team work, we got the victory in this game. It wasn’t easy at all to beat the German champion.

HP: It’s your first time to play in a final four final, how is the feeling to be part of it?

Lazarov: It’s a great feeling to take part of this final. It’s really great also to be part of this game. I think it was the team’s willingness and teamwork that made us go over the German Champion. I hope that tomorrow we will crown this great play from today with another success and I will for the first time win the Champions League.

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