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Spanish U20 team at the TOP of Europe!

The Spanish generation 1996 is the best in Europe! Young Spaniards won the gold medal at the Men’s U20 European Championship in Denmark after extra-time against Germany 30:29 (25:25 – 12:9).

The bronze medal is won by France who beat Croatia 35:30.

At the end of the tournament best players were named into the All-star team. Xoan Menendez was named best goalkeeper, Lukas Mertens became best left wing. Dani Dujshebaev was awarded as best left back, Germany’s captain Tim Suton became the best centre back.

Marin Sipic from Croatia was named best line player, Dika Mem from France became the best right back and Iceland’s Odinn Thor Rikhardsson was the best right wing.

Last but not least Nikolaj Laeso Christensen became the tournament’s best defender.

Source: EHF

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