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Rio 2016

Brazil outplay Poland in hot atmosphere

The third best team in the world, Poland, experienced how it will be tough to play against the host team at Olympic Games in Rio! Brazil beat team of Talant Dujshebaev  34:32 (16:13) with an impressive rhytm, fanatic defense on the edge of exclusions and powerful movement in attack. Home team had a huge support from the stands of Future Arena and Jordi Ribera used it in the best possible way. The best expression of team spirit of Brazilians tonight is that 13 of 14 players scored at least a goal to Szmal or Wyzomirski!

Brazilians made 4:0 series at the start of the match and didn’t give the chance to Poles to even balance the score until the end! The best period of the game for Poles was the last part of the first half, when their TOP scorer Daszek brought his team closer – 12:13, but that was the only moment when Dujshebaev boys was really in the game.

However, they fought bravely, but mostly Michal Jurecki wasted his energy in tough contacts with the Brazilian defensive line.  The maximal advantage for the home side was +7 (26:19) in 46th minute, but Poles didn’t give up and made defeat the smallest they could…

De Toledo netted seven goals for the winners, Dos Santos scored five same as Michal Jurecki on the other side. Karol Bielecki netted eight for Poland.

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