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SportHero: Think sport and design for it.

There are many different sport disciplines around the globe and even more sport passionates. We call them heroes! These people are the icons of their sport not only because they play, but also because they promote and do everything what they can to widen their passion. Be a hero means persuade others to do your sport, to encourage young kids to be fan of it and to show everyone how great it is. Be a hero is establishing amateur leagues in your region, creating discussion forums about your sport, watch it and play it.

According to this, small clothing company called SportHero had emerged this year. Here designers are sport heroes, who would like to help others to promote their sport disciplines. We are personally players and fans of ice-hockey, football, handball, speedway, squash etc.  We design clothes for sport fans as well as amateur and professional sportsmen. Clothes are made from 100% cotton and do not contain any artificial fabric. Sewing and whole production is made in Poland, Europe. We also created special fit style suitable for sport fans, amateur and professional sportsmen.

SportHero main goal is to think sport and design for it.

Thanks to this we can create sport heroes!

We started from handball collection with 4 fantastic designs. Check this out at

Besides clothing we support particular disciplines to help them promoting. We sponsor great Handball Planet contest voting for the best young handball player in season 2016/17.

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