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Svetlana Ceca Kitic awarded by IHF

For the first time in history of handball, IHF decided to make a voting for the best player ever and that prizes won former Yugoslav playmaker (70’s and 80’s), Svetlana Ceca Kitic and magician from Croatia, Ivano Balic. President of IHF, Dr Hassan Moustafa visited in two days  Serbian capital, Belgrade, where he talked with representatives of Sports Bodies in order to gain support of Goverment for candidature of SHF (Serbian Handball Federation) for Women’s World Championships 2013.  Rumuors are that Goverment will stand behind this project and that Serbia will get WC 2013 in front of South Korea.

On the other side this visit was a great opportunity to IHF show honour to Svetlana Ceca Kitic. That’s first men of International handball did at Press Conference, where he meet Kitic and gave her a symbolic trophy for the best player ever.

– Since long time ago, Serbia was a specific school for  handball world. We want that she become that again. I hope that our visit will help. We discussed with Sports Bodies about WC 2013, but also how to attract more school girls to our sports. I hope that you will compete with South Korea for hosting. Decision will be taken at second October – said Moustafa with whom in Belgrade was Leon Kalin, president of IHF Commssion for Competition.

Svetlana Ceca Kitic was excited:

– This award means a lot to me and I am sure to my country. Thanks to mister Moustafa and Kalin because they support Serbia in battle for WC 2013 and I hope that our country do that too.

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