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Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic one month to “chill-out”

The Coach of Celje Pivovarna Lasko and the Slovenian National team, Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic, got 1 month suspension from the national handball federation after the incident in the first round of the domestic league, as Celje visited Trebnja (and won 37:31). As it happened, after a goal by Trim, Noka entered the field to protest the refereeing, which was “rewarded” by the referees with a red card. The disciplinary commission was merciless and issued a one-month suspension for the former Kiel coach. Until 16th October, when the punishment expires, Celje will play 5 games in the domestic championship. Serdarusic will also have to pay a penalty of 200 euros.

If we remember the few months punishment that was issued for the then champions Gorenje coach, Ivica Obrvan, then we can conclude that the Slovenian referees are not “easy-going”…

Photo: Slavko Kolar



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  2. urban

    19. September 2010. at 06:25

    interesting thing is that only croatian coaches in slovenia get suspensions!!!

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