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The Sad Split Story: Balic’s and Metlicic’s club in bankruptcy and chaos

One of Croatia’s most famous clubs, a club that raised lots of todays world class talents, RK Split, is in total chaos and bankruptcy. The club’s continuing work with youth, gave us today – Ivano Balic, Petar Metlicic, Drago Vukovic, Ljubo Vukic, Dalibor Anusic, Dragan Jerkovic… Unfortunately the thing remaining from this is the pride with which the club RK Split is presenting this on the club’s official webpage.

The club is nowadays in total chaos and bankrupt. Just the fact that the coach, Zeljko Babic, Goluza’s first assistant in the national team, bought handball balls so the team can do their training, speaks enough about the condition in which RK Split is today. The players are thankful only to their coach, and his words that “they play just so they will be able to sell themself somewhere outside later, as there is no bread here” is what makes them keep playing. The club’s captain, Angjelo Zeravic, is owed 17 monthly salaries while the goalkeeper Vukas even more. Especially problematic is the situation with the players that are not from Split. Zeravic underlines that those not from Split and not living with parents literally “have nothing to eat”.

All the players are certain about one thing, it is the club’s management to be blamed for the current situation. They demand that either the city of Split helps them, or this management to go and another one to come, for better tomorrow of the club. Some of the might not play handball in two months, but the generations to come surely need better conditions for their own development.

The President of RK Split, Ozren Matijasevic, does not run away from responsibility. “The club is in total chaos, that is undeniable. But if the problems were because of me, I’d resign long time ago. However, the club is unable to function without me. I am ready to resign, if that is to help the situation”. He added that the players need to remain patient until it’s all resolved, and then, should they be playing for the club still, they will get their well-deserved earnings.


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