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THW Kiel wins derby in Denmark!

THW Kiel win the derby match of the Group in Denmark over KIF Copenhagen 26:24 (13:13) and almost secured the first place two matches before the end.  “Full house” with 5.200 fans in Brondby didn’t help home players to score the goal in the last five minutes of the match (24:24), while “Zebras” have found the way to the Hvidt”s net…

KIF: Hvidt (12 saves), Westphal (n.e.); Boesen, Laen (3), Jörgensen, L. Andersson (7), Spellerberg (3), Pedersen (n.e.), Hundstrup (3), Theilgaard (n.e.), Ravn (n.e.), Larsen (n.e.), Viudes (2), S. Jensen, Boldsen, Rocas (6/3); Trainer: Suman

 THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (4 SAVES), Palicka (8 SAVES); Toft Hansen, Sigurdsson (1), Sprenger (n.e.), Wiencek (3), Ekberg (8/3), Lauge (1), Zeitz (2), Jallouz (1), Palmarsson (n.e.), Klein (n.e.), Jicha (5), Vujin (5); Trainer: Gislason
The crucial match for the first place will be against Vive Targi Kielce on February 16…
1. THW Kiel8701240:215(25)14
2. KS Vive Targi Kielce8503241:218(23)10
2. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn8503197:191(6)10
4. Orlen Wisla Plock8404220:213(7)8
5. FC Porto Vitalis8206191:223(-32)4
6. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…8107188:217(-29)2
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