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Tomas Svensson wants to play at WC 2011!

History is written for this guy. Legendary Swedish goalkeeper, Tomas Svensson (42) wants to play for Swedish national team at the next World Championship in his country.

– It would be a wonderful thing, something I would look forward to. I will do my best so we’ll see if it is enough for the World Cup, “said Svensson, who believe that this could be his final season.

– I have already received several offers and have the opportunity to play on. But right now I am thinking to finish my career.  I do not think there would be problem to go on for four or five more years, but I have taken much of my body for many years and it would be nice to give up when it still feels good. I want to be able to have quality of life even after handball.

He has two world championship gold medals, three European Championship gold medals and three Olympic silver on the merit list and has made 327 appearances. Last game of the national team, he made in 2008. Now he’s again considered for a major championship.

– As I see it, we have six really good goalies in Sweden and Thomas is one of them. He has not played as much in the Champions League so far, but the routine is definitely something that speaks to his advantage. It is possible that Ola (Lindgren) to go down and talk to him and see any match, “said Staffan Olsson, co-trainer of the national team.

Foto: Nils Jakobsson

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