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TOP 10 “BEST BUY” IN 2012/2013: “From Kiel to Skopje” presents a list of TOP 10 “best buys” in the Men’s European Handball for season 2012/2013. Our TOP 10 list consists players which have the best performances for their new teams in current season in domestic or international competition. In the last month of the season, our journalists made the overview of the investments of the European teams:

1. ALEXANDER PETERSSON (Rhein Neckar Lowen)

Icelandic right back making progress for all the teams in which he played. After SG Flensburg and Fuchse Berlin,Petersson gave some new energy to Rhein Neckar Lowen and simply question for Dagur Sigurdsson and Bob Hanning is why they didn’t keep him in Berlin?

2. IVAN CUPIC (Vive Targi Kielce)

“Croatian storm”, players who is always falling on his head, former RNL’s right wing showed great performance in Polish champion Vive Targi Kielce during season. It’s still far away from the end. Cupic has still what to offer – F4 and Polish Play-Off Final are coming. Kielce needs self-confidence of brave Croat…


One of the best Spanish players at the golden WCh 2013 in Barcelona, who keep the form for his new team French Nantes. Maqueda was one of the many TOP quality Spanish players who left the ASOBAL last summer and who didn’t make mistake. Nantes has a chance to win EHF Cup and Maqueda has to be one of the crucial part of that success…


Experienced Slovenian right back was out of European handball for a while, but after only few matches in Skopje at the beginning of the season, Lino Cervar was absolutely satisfied. Vugrinec gave a dose of experience and self-confidence for Metalurg’s historical success – EHF CL TOP 8.

5. LASZLO NAGY (MKB Veszprem)

MKB Veszprem announced that the next goal is the TOP of European handball with Laszlo Nagy’s transfer. Hungarian star decided to leave Barcelona after over a decade, but level of his performance stayed unchanged. In the first season, Hungarians were so close to the F4, but they will be also a serious contender in the upcoming season.

6. NIKLAS LANDIN (Rhein Neckar Lowen)

One of the best world’s goalkeepers has good season with Rhein Neckar Lowen. Germans need goalkeeper of his quality. They became closer to the TOP with him…


After a few years in which left wing position wasn’t on the level of other parts of the THW Kiel’s squad, “Air Icelandic” transfer gave the Germans reason to stop talking about this. Sigurdsson is one of the best lef wings on the Planet, reason why Kiel can be calm in upcoming years…

8. MARKO KOPLJAR (Paris Saint German)

Croatian giant becomes one of the leading players in Paris MEGA project. His quality was unrated during his time in C.O Zagreb, but now, real Marko Kopljar is coming…


One of the EHF CL TOP scorer this season was young Danish left wing from BSV Silkeborg. He is also one of the “Rising stars of 2013” called “new Lars Christiansen”, enough reason to be on this list.

10. PRIMOZ PROST (FA Goppingen)

Bet scandal took him away from Montpellier. Coach Canayer crying for flying Slovenian goalkeeper, who had fantastic second part of the season. Firstly, he was one of the best goalkeepers at WCH 2013 in Spain afterwards he made fantastic debut in DKB Bundesliga with Frisch Auf Goppingen.



  1. mads andersen

    11. May 2013. at 22:01

    From the list? 🙂

  2. kerry

    10. May 2013. at 18:13

    In PSG;)

  3. mads andersen

    9. May 2013. at 15:04

    where is mikkel hansen??

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