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TOP 10 “Giants of Defense” – Didier Dinart and other “cyclops”

It is time to see, “who is better with muscles than with a ball” (maybe it is cruel, but this guys earning money for their defensive skills)? TOP 10 of most impressive defense player, giants of which normal people are afraid and attackers always trying to find some another way to score. Handball would be a different sport without them. Their appearance and behavior is different. They are not artists and most popular, but “defensive giants” bringing results and because of that, they are highly respected.

1. Didier Dinart (33, Ciudad Real – France)

Like a synonim for defense in handball. For all he has done with French national team and Ciudad Real, he deserved all respect from everyone. Even you don’t want to give him this recognition, because you didn’t see so many times a ball in his hand, he is a crucial part of every success.

2. Alexander Chernoivanov (31, Chehovskie Medvedi – Russia)

He is scoring goals, play very well in attack and that is mainly difference with Dinart, but what is the same is amount of pain produced by his defensive movements. In company with other Russian Bears, he is even scarier.

3. Oliver Roggisch (32, Rhein Neckar Lowen – Germany)

Another – third line player on our list. “Dirtiest” German defensive player, always ready for a discussion with a refferes and opponents players. His 202 cm are huge advantage for his defensive performances.

4. Alexey Kamanin (32, Chehovskie Medvedi – Russia)

He looks so dangerous. Big guy, first back on our list in couple with Chernoivanov after many hours on the way to cold Chehov is really “night mare”.

5. Viran Morros (31, Ciudad Real – Spain)

With Dinart in Ciudad Real, he is “unbeatable”. His psychical skills (left back) are also capable to produced some goals on his account.

6. Denis Spoljaric (31, Fuchse Berlin – Croatia)

Denis is a player who “forgot” to play in attack, after coaches discovered that he is unbeatable in defense. “Minister of defense” in Croatia national team, responsible for Olympic and World gold medals of his National team.

7. Daniel Kubes (32, THW Kiel – Czech Republic)

Giant with 200 cm and 110 kg. What do you want more from defense player? With Czech Republic he doesn’t make big results, but he has now chance with Kiel.

8. Evgeny Lushnikov (34, MKB Veszprem – Russia)

Even bigger than Kubes (203 cm and 110 kg). “Heart” of defense in MKB Veszprem, team, who is challenging with all TOP teams this season in Champions League. “Russian school”…

9. Magnus Jernemyr (34, F.C Barcelona – Sweden)

With 32 years he left Sweden, first to Denmark and then to Barcelona. He is looking like a ancient viking…

10. Lars Troels Jørgensen (32, AG Copenhagen – Denmark)

Even he wants to retire from Danish national team, with 32 years and a huge experience, he can offer a lot to defensive performances of ambitious AG Copenhagen.

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  1. zara

    26. April 2011. at 09:54

    es una mierda

  2. OK82

    22. October 2010. at 11:56

    Of course a list like this is funny and will be referred to by lots of other online media looking for a quick story.

    But please tell us how you chose the particular players on the list? And please take the time to proof-read your English before publishing the article.

  3. kr-73

    21. October 2010. at 13:43

    Where is Artur Siódmiak

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