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TOP 10 handball home grounds – “Noise of joy and passion”

Who has the biggest support from stands in European TOP handball? We tried to to sublimate huge fans potential around Europe and choose TOP 10 of best handball home ground. It is difficult to make one general opinion, but this list is made on base what we saw and “heard”.

1. MKB Veszprem (Veszprem Arena 5000 spec.)

Last match and win over HSV showed, how is tough for away teams to play in “Veszprem Arena”. Really “dangerous place” with total noise made by 5000 domestic fans, who love and know handball.

2. Ciudad Real (Don Quijote Arena – 5107 spec.)

Best team of last decade, some of the best defense player and temperamental audience making from home hall of Ciudad Real, place where are very lucky those who lost with less than five goals.

3. Chehovski Medvedi (Olympic hall – 3500 spec.)

Maybe hall isn’t full always, but effects are always same. Medvedi are almost unbeatable in front of their spectators. We know, a long trip for the most of European teams, Russian winters, but, but, Maksimov and his team are collecting all points at home.

4. THW Kiel (Sparkasse Arena – 10250 spec.)

10250 fans watching handball every week and that is always like that. Famous Kiel supporters bringing to handball another perspective of experience, something new, something big. God bless them.

5. Vfl Gummersbach (Eugen Hass – 2100 pec, Lanxess Arena 19500 spec.)

It isn’t important, whether they playing in a big “Koln Arena” or they want to affraid their opponents in small, old and inadequate “Eugen Hass” hall, VfL Gummersbach always has a great support. Domestic ground has a huge role in their last success, as success since 30 years, when they became legendary club.

6. Celje Pivovarna Lasko (“Zlatorog” – 5500 spec.)

Maybe it isn’t fact right now, but roar from the stands of “Zlatorog” is well know across Europe. “Florijani”, a fan group of CPL is one of the most loyal handball fans crew. They are always with a team of big tradition (they were so important in 2004, when Celje PL won CL), why many of the people call them “handball institution”.

7. C.O Zagreb (“Ledena” – spec 7000, “Arena” – 15200 spec.)

Huge marketing step made Board of Croat champions, C.O Zagreb, when they decided that games of Champions League playing at “Zagreb Arena”. That gave another perspective to handball games, perspective of joy and entertaiment. Maybe domestic court isn’t so hot as he was before in “Ice hall”, but it is very nice when you see 15000 family people in the stands.

8. Ademar Leon (“Palacia Municipal de los Deportes”, 6000 spec.)

In time when Ademar Leon was one of the TOP European team, their audience making a difference. Spanish temperament, ambitious team and full stands were always danger for all opponents.

9. SG Flensburg (“Campushalle” – 6300 spec.)

Maybe they aren’t at level of THW Kiel and HSV Hamburg, but their fan base doesn’t care about that. Flensburg is a city of handball. If you know that in Campus halle, more than 1500 are “staying places”. loyality measure is even bigger.

10. KIF Kolding (“Tre-For Arena Kolding” – 2650 spec.)

In front of their fans, they are losing rarely, as we saw last season in Champions League. KIF Kolding is probably the most known handball club who has teams in both category (men and women). That is making their spectators so proud.



  1. martin

    23. October 2010. at 16:30

    kielce very well and montpellier too .

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  3. Denis

    8. October 2010. at 08:03

    Very good list, but Celje and Flensburg have better spectators and atmosphere than Kiel oder Gummersbach.
    Also a very good hall is in Minden, the spectators support there team now in the second divison but they are good for championsleague.
    Also great spectators are the fans from Pick Szeged!

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