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TOP 10 “missed targets” transfers in 2010/2011: Lions, Zebras and others…

Less than two months before the end of season is right time to present a TOP 10 list of “missed targets”, players, who didn’t found themselves in their new teams.  It is a question, whether teams made a mistakes or these players need time to adapt and progress in a new conditions, but last 10 months, wasn’t so good for this guys:

TOP 10 “missed targets” in 2010/2011:

1.  Robert Gunnarsson (Line player, 31, Rhein Neckar Lowen)

Basicaly, attacker, Icelandic atractive line player didn’t show his capabilites in Rhein Neckar Lowen. He scored just 35 goals this season for his team in Bundesliga,  what is three time less than last season in VfL Gummersbach.

2. Carlos Prieto (Line player, 31, Celje Pivovarna Lasko)

After Spanish line player made a mistake and signed contract with Rhein Neckar Lowen in the summer 2009, where he was just a spectator,  he didn’t take a „good wind“ with Celje Pivovarna Lasko. Another bad season, almost without any single game, where he showed something of his potential from the time, when he played for Valladolid and Ciudad Real.

3. Luka Zvizej (31, Left wing, Celje Pivovarna Lasko)

He was probably the „hottest wing“ on the Market last summer. Media speculations took him from THW Kiel through all the best teams in Europe, but he choose to come back to home town, Celje. Bad start and then injury, disabled him to show his class. Celje Pivovarna Lasko has a lot of „missed targets“ last summer…

4. Michal Jurecki (27, Left back, Vive Targi Kielce)

He went to Kielce as a part of the „Polish project“.  Less than three goals per match and average performances in the EHF Champions League, where ambitious Polish champion didn’t qualified for TOP 16 phase, were the reason to put on this list, famous member of the Polish national team.

5. Milutin Dragicevic (28, Line player, THW Kiel)

„Hercules“ didn’t found himself in the best team of the World. He was the best player and scorer of Danish Championship in T-shirts of Silkeborg for a years, but in „Zebras“ he had this season, just an episode. Maybe he has still time to improve his skills and adapt to the team. Milutin didn’t forget to play handball, that is for sure…

6. Daniel Kubes (33, Defense player – Left back, THW Kiel)

„Defense guy“, but nothing more and less. Probably, he isn’t material for the team as THW Kiel. Season without chances to score. Kiel’s defense wasn’t so good…

7. Alin Sania (28, Playmaker, MT Melsungen)

One of the best Romanian players, Sania went to Germany as an adequate gain for a financial stabile team as Melsungen. Awful start of the season said enough about complete squad, but also some things about playmaker of the team, who just tried to replace legendary Vladica Stojanovic…

8. Josip Valcic (27, Left back, VfL Gummersbach)

Despite he came from C.O Zagreb and had a few seasons of EHF Champions League experience, younger Valcic didn’t show anything from that level. Even he worked with Hasanefendić, his performances were just average…

9. Barna Putics (27, Left back, VfL Gummersbach)

Another station for a handball traveler, Gummersbach, didn’t gave him lucky. As talented left back, Putics change four teams from three countries in two years before he went to VfL in summer 2010 to work with Sead Hasanefendic, but again, he missed….

10. Borge Lund (32, Playmaker, Rhein Neckar Lowen)

He left THW Kiel, because he hasn’t enough space and time, but destiny was the same in Rhein Neckar Lowen. Norwegian playmaker is just an „eighth man“ in Manheim as he was in Kiel. He took this role again with a lot of motivation, but his capabilites are bigger…




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  2. Anonymous

    13. April 2011. at 12:39

    4 miejsce dla Michała Jureckiego ?! Żal mi was ! Jak miał zdobywac gole skoro miał kontuzję i nie mogł ruszac ręką !

    4 position for Michael Jurecki? I feel sorry for you! How could he earn goals since he had an injury and could not match his move your hand!

  3. handball

    10. April 2011. at 22:16

    wrong choise,Kubes was simply great in defense,and gunnarsson didn t play enough to show his worth,gunnarsson is perfect line player,in last 2 matches when he was a starter he proves his class,in season it is simply myrhol is starter

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  5. to ramborambis

    8. April 2011. at 08:06

    That is not missed target!You must make difference.

  6. Ramborambis

    7. April 2011. at 22:29

    You can add Carlos Ruesga (25, Left Back, Reale Ademar León), 4 months injured, and the other 3 months he isn’t the same player.

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