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Valero Rivera after fantastic start of Spain: “Defense is the key”

Spain celebrated two easy wins against Latvia and Romania (35:20) at the beginning of Qualfication for EURO 2012 and showed that will be “tough nut” for all TOP teams in WC 2011 in Sweden. Spain national team headcoach, Valero Rivera think that defense has a most important role in quality performances:

– Our 3-2-1 defense was the key of success. I am pleased with players attitude. Despite hard and long trip to Romania, they responded with 100% percent and make fantastic difference. I am convinced that Latvian and Croatian will have problem to get points here. This was one of those days when all players give their best.

Romania – Spain 20-35 (7-17)

Romania: Popescu, Irimus – Al.Stamate 5, Ghionea 3, Toma 2, Florea 2, Georgescu 1, Novanc 1, Savenco 1, Csepreghi 1, Sabou 1, I.Stamate 1, Fenici 1, Simicu 1.

Spania: Romero 5, Garcia Parrondo 4, Canellas 4, R.Entrerrios 4, Aguinagalde 4, Garcia Lorenzana 3, Morros 3, Garcia Robledo 3,  Gurbindo Martinez 3, Malmagro 1, Ugalde 1,.

Spain and Croatia wins twice. Romania and Latvia are without points.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Latvia

    4. November 2010. at 07:49

    How Latvian NT can play in two groups?
    I think You mean Lithuania!!!!!!

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