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Velux Men’s EHF CL (Round 9): Kadetten expels Chambery from Europe

Swiss champion, Kadetten Schaffhausen took the last train for the Velux EHF Champions League TOP 16 with a win over Chambery Savoie 28:24 (15:12). Led by fantastic performance of Serbian right back, Aleksandar Stojanovic (8), Swiss champion win with the same goal-difference as Chambery won in their first match (33:29). On the end, Schaffhausen has better goal-difference for about 40 goals, so it will be really difficult that French team destroys Bosna Sarajevo with +30,35, while Kadetten has to lose in Zagreb with more than 5,10 goals…


1. Barcelona 8-16
2. Zagreb 8-12
3. Kadetten Schafhausen 9-8
4. Sävehof 8-8
6. Chambery 9-6
7. Bosna Sarajevo 8-0



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