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Veselin Vujovic with physical attack on Cervar’s assistant!

The heat between the two top Macedonian clubs, Metalurg and Vardar, is geared up even more now after the incident that happened today at the beginning of Metalurg’s training in the Sports Arena “Boris Trajkovski”. As Vardar was finishing the training and Metalurg beginning theirs, the coach of RK Vardar, Veselin Vujovic, physically attacked Alexandar Petrovski by slapping him in the face, the assistant coach in Metalurg, and also threatened to Lino Cervar that he “will pay 10,000 euros to have his nose cut”. On behalf of Metalurg, they said that they are disgusted from this incident, and that the attack will reported to the police.

This is all happening ahead of the cup clash that is scheduled for this weekend. It is expected that Vardar and Metalurg meet in the final.

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