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VIDEO: Russians mad on sisters Bonaventura – Remind on ruined Olympic final 2012

Russian handball fans still can’t reconcile with defeat in eight-final of the Men’s IHF World Championship 2017 against Slovenia, in which Dmitry Torgovanov stayed helpless in battle with the bronze medal winners, but also, according major opinion, referees sisters Bonaventura.

Russians gave reminder on Olympic final 2012 in London between Norway and Montenegro which was clearly damaged by bad performance of the French referees, which still getting a full support of IHF and EHF, probably because of trend of involving more female pairs on big stage. 

PHOTO: Jozo Cabraja, CHF


  1. T44

    5. February 2017. at 01:50

    For a country who hate women like Russia it’s not a surprise

  2. Anonymous

    4. February 2017. at 07:39

    Ben, i do not agree. first that couple is not the best, second, the handball is played by very precised rules unless you favourize one of the teams.

  3. Ben

    3. February 2017. at 12:56

    Handball is a very difficult game to referee. The Danish pair that did the 2017 world championship final are the best in the world and they did a bad job in that game.

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