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VIDEO: Zagreb’s “Karate Kid” conqueres fortress “Zlatorog”

PPD Zagreb beat RK Celje Pivovarna Laško 21:20 (9:10) in the biggest Balkan handball derby in front of 4.500 fans in “Zlatorog” hall. The hero of the tough clash of two old rivals, was Zagreb’s goalkeeper Filip Ivic, who played only in the last ten minutes, but that was enough for him to stay unbeatable and save some important balls for his team.

Celje Pivovarna Laško: Gajić (1 save – 1 x 7-m), Lesjak (18 saves), Blagotinšek 2, Ivić 1, Babarskas 1, Janc 3, Razgor 3, Marguč, Potočnik 1, Zarabec 2, Kodrin, Fižuleto, Dobelšek 1, Mlakar 3, Žvižej 3.

Zagreb: Stevanović (12 saves – 1 x 7-m), Ivić (4 saves – 1 x 7-m), Mihić 1, Sabljić 3, Vujić, Stepančić 3, Kontrec 2, Šebetić 2, Raković, Horvat, Šušnja, Šandrk, T. Valčić, Obranović 1, Kovačević 4, Pavlović 2.

Two of them were decisive. First on 58:10, when he saved 7-meter shot by Miha Zarabec, and afterwards, the last attack of Celje, 6 on 4, when Ziga Mlakar couldn’t score…

Take a look why…

PHOTO: Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/ Zsolt Melczer

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