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Vive Tauron Kielce celebrate 12th Polish title!

Vive Tauron Kielce is the new-old Polish champion. Kielce won the third match against Orlen Wisła Płock 29:28 and defended their title. The game was (a bit surprisingly – having in mind the number of players Wisła had to manage without) very tight but in contrast to the second match, today’s clash was a purely sporting event and went without any negative emotions. After his one-game pause, Rodrigo Corrales showed how important he is for Wisła by starting brilliantly. Kielce’s attack looked a little chaotic, they had difficulties in finding good positions to throw or were blocked by defenders from Płock. Wisła also couldn’t hit the net, mostly thanks to Szmal’s saves, and even though Kielce’s style wasn’t impressive or very effective, after 10 minutes they were on the lead by two (4:2). Due to the shortage of players, Manolo Cadenas decided to send two young players – Skibiński and Moryń – on the court. Skibiński got a fastbreak and scored a goal but right after that he got injured and had to leave the court. In 15. minute Buntić made the result 7:4 for Kielce but instead of pushing on, it was Wisła that started coming from behind. Slowly but surely, in 22. minute they equalised at 10:10, then got their first lead and ended the first half leading by three (17:14). However, in the second half Wisła also didn’t push on and it took Kielce 5 minutes to get back on the lead (18:17); since then the game was tight until the very end.

Marin Šego replaced Szmal in Kielce goal and continued his good performance from the second match; Corrales was given a break and Marcin Wichary had a chance to help his team. In the middle of the second half Kielce lost Aginagalde due to his injury. None of the teams could gain any considerable advantage and the extra time was in the air. In the 60. minute, with the result 29:28 for Kielce, Corrales denied Bielecki and Wisła had a chance to equalize.

They didn’t manage to score but referees decided to give them a penalty throw. With 5 seconds to go, Ghionea could extend the fight but Šego saved his throw and gave Kielce their 12. title.

PHOTO: T. Fafara

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1 Comment

  1. ISKRA

    22. May 2015. at 06:45

    Iskra na tronie Iskra w podwójnej koronie.

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