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Vote for the MIZUNO WORLD BEST COACH 2015 in Women’s Handball! has publish official nominations for the MIZUNO WORLD BEST COACH in Women’s Handball 2015 based on opinion of the 18 handball journalists from all over the world! Jury of Experts made the lists of five best coaches in women’s handball in 2015, while the last member of the Jury, handball fans across the Globe can vote until 6 January and support their favorites.

Visitors’ votes will be added to the existing number of votes given by the journalists, after which will announce who is the MIZUNO WORLD BEST COACH in Women’s Handball 2015.




Bjorn Pazen (Handball Woche, Germany)
Stig Nygard (TV 2, Norway)
Jozsef Simon (Nemzeti Sport, Hungary)
Patrick Andersson (, Denmark)
Jorge Dargel (MARCA, Spain)
Matteo Aldamonte (FIGH, Italy)
Yuki Hattori (Japanese Handball Magazine, Japan)
Sergey Novikov (Pressball newspapers, Belarus)
Laura Agena (, Argentina)
Marian Ursescu (GAZETA SPORTURILOR, Romania)
Juhani Kantee (, Finland)
Sergey Prigolovkin (, Russia)
Nikola Nikolić (VIJESTI, Montenegro)
Ibolya Szekeres (Time Out Magazine, Hungary-Norway)
Zorica Radojković (, Serbia)
Amina Idrizi (, Macedonia)
Clement Domas (HANDNEWS TEAM, France)
Života Bogdanović (HANDBALL-PLANET TEAM)

JURY MEMBERS FROM EUROPE, ASIA AND SOUTH AMERICA organizes the biggest FEMALE WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2015 Jury in the history of our Contest with the clear aim to get opinion from the different countries, continents, handball schools and traditions. Our Jury members are famous handball specialists in their countries, which coming from the biggest media (Marca, TV 2 NO), but also from specialized websites and newspapers as,,,, rakomet 24, Time Out Magazine and so on…


Thorir Hergeirsson – 2011
Karl Erik Bohn – 2012
Ambros Martin – 2013
Dragan Adžić – 2014


This year the official name of the Contest will be MIZUNO FEMALE WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2015 as we joined our forces with one of the biggest brands in handball world – MIZUNO, who became a premium partner of the whole project.





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  2. Susanne Nielsen

    9. January 2016. at 11:12

    Helle Tomsen

  3. Jan frølund

    9. January 2016. at 11:10

    Helle Tomsen

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  5. Lissy Klement

    2. January 2016. at 10:26

    Helle T is the Best ? ??

  6. Jens Anton Nordestgaard

    1. January 2016. at 22:17

    Helle Thomsen
    Sabina Jacobsen

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