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Following the huge success of the World Best Players and Handball PERSON contests and with the clear vision to praise and recognize the potential of some young – new forces in our sport, organize the voting Contest for the WORLD BEST YOUNG PLAYER 2013/2014. Eight handball journalists from Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia made the nominations of 21 players (three per position). The last member of Jury are the visitors of, which votes will be included in the final result.

Contest including the players born in 1992 and younger.

Please vote for the WORLD BEST YOUNG until May 28:

Goalkeepers: Filip Ivic (RK C.O Zagreb – Croatia), Nikola Portner (Bern Muri – Switzerland),Peter  Johannesson (IK Savehof – Sweden) VOTE
Left wings: Raul Santos (VfL Gummersbach – Austria), Dejan Manaskov (RK Metalurg – Macedonia), Andreas Berg (Önnereds HK – Sweden) VOTE
Left backs: Lasse Anderson (KIF Kolding – Denmark), Stipe Mandalinic (RK C.O Zagreb – Croatia), Quentin Minel (US Creteil – France) VOTE
Playmakers: Jim Gottfridsson (SG Flensburg – Sweden), Pablo Cacheda (BM Valladolid – Spain), Sander Sagosen (Haslum HK – Norway) VOTE
Right backs: Alex Dujshebaev (RK Vardar – Spain), Harald Reinkind (Fyllingen – Norway), Sime Ivic (RK Nexe – Croatia) VOTE
Right wings: Mario Sostaric (RK Gorenje – Slovenia), Bogdan Radivojevic (SG Flensburg – Serbia), Teophille Causse (Dunkerque – France) VOTE
Line-players: Ignacio Plaza (BM Puerto Sagunto – Spain), Teo Coric (RK C.O Zagreb – Croatia), Simon Hald Jensen (Aalborg – Denmark) VOTE

Jury members:

Milan Krasic (
Patrick Andersen (Denmark,
Jorge Dargel Amigo (Spain, Marca)
Nicolas Chardon – ( TEAM (France)
Zika Bogdanovic (Serbia,
Peter Zalokar (DELO, Slovenia)
Stig Nygard (TV 2, Norway)
Drazen Pinevic (Sportske Novosti, Croatia)



  1. Peter Karlsson

    22. May 2014. at 14:27

    Vote for Jim Gottfridsson as a playmaker. A great Sg Flensburg player, nationalteam player and a Championsleuge player. He should win ofcourse!

  2. elche

    21. May 2014. at 11:53

    Hleb Harbuz!

  3. guja

    20. May 2014. at 21:58

    Nikola Portner mislim da je jedini koji ima titulu naj boljeg na svetu

  4. Anonymous

    20. May 2014. at 08:28

    Vote for Sander Sagosen. !!

  5. ayuba

    19. May 2014. at 19:43

    a very nice website

  6. CCRAM

    18. May 2014. at 15:12

    Where is Daniel Costa Camolas??


    16. May 2014. at 09:46


  8. anonimo

    15. May 2014. at 19:24

    Vote for Ignacio Plaza!! He is the best!

  9. Maria Larsen

    15. May 2014. at 10:48

    Simon Hald and off cause the rookie of the year Lasse Anderson

  10. Handball2Null

    14. May 2014. at 19:34

    I am sorry but why is there no German Jury Member?

  11. Polski

    14. May 2014. at 14:56

    Where’s Tobias Jademan?

  12. Sola Sjaastad

    14. May 2014. at 11:18

    Sander Sagosen

  13. metalurg

    13. May 2014. at 22:16

    Where is Luka Cindrić?

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