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“War for Poland” begins next Saturday – Kielce VS Plock!

It’s time for a decision – Who is the best team in Poland? Vive Targi Kielce or Orlen Wisla Plock? Wenta or Walther? First match of the Polish Play-Off Final will be played next Saturday. Second is just day after, while the third match, first one which will be played in Plock is waiting all the handball fans on 19th of May.

Current champion is Orlen Wisla Plock, team who made surprise in the last year Final series. Vive Targi Kielce won national Cup this season and won the first place in the regular part of the season. Szmal and Co. have host-advantage, so they will play at home first two matches. Champion will become team, who win three matches.



  1. Łajt Tajger Łuds

    11. May 2012. at 09:45

    @juan you can see the match on polstat sport tv or ipla.pl

  2. Muczas

    11. May 2012. at 06:01

    Będziemy świętować MISTRZA w Plocku… I S K I E R K A

  3. juan

    10. May 2012. at 10:07

    where can we see the match???

  4. nafciarze

    9. May 2012. at 13:09

    only wisla!

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