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WC 2011 TOP 10 LOSERS: “IHF’s website, Brandt, Wenta, Goluža…”

It is almost three weeks after the World Championship 2011 in Sweden came to an end. Handball-Planet.com made a TOP 10 Losers list to remind handball people around the world, what we have seen at the biggest handball event in this year.


1.       IHF.INFO

It was totally unbelievable and unacceptable that the Website of the International Handball Federation was offline for a few days during the World Championship in Sweden. Even if the reason for that was that Server was in Cairo, Egypt (where political revolution takes place), it was unserious that media, fans and handball people around the Globe couldn’t see statistics, photos and news from the biggest handball event in 2011. Hopefully, this will not happen again…


Maybe it has come the day in which German handball has to say „Thank you and goodbye, legend“. After he showed to handball world his boxing skills to referees in Zadar (Croatia) two years ago, German coach, Heiner Brandt, lost his coaching skills. Germany, as a „first handball market“ needs better results than 11th place, with him or without. That will be good for them and for handball at all. Handball needs better Germans…


Polish handball team is in crisis. Why, maybe Bogdan Wenta knows the answer? They failed to qualify in TOP 7, which guaranteed Olympic qualifications. For a such a good roster, that is unacceptable, even we can forgive them, when they don’t fight for a medal at every competition. Poland showed lack of confidence against better, unconvincing play against weaker, so…


Problems with a team play and things around the court, takes us to the question – Is it Goluža still „green“ for national coach? We saw nothing from his team, just some individual skills, what we knew from before. His „media war“ with a colleague, Kljajić from C.O Zagreb, is just another minus…


Magician from Split was “black sheep” during the whole Championship. Nervousness, problems with Goluža, his behaviour at the bench, etc, wasn’t something what we know from the best handball player ever…

6.       SERBIA

They lost many uncertain endings, even when they were better. Poland, Norway, last minutes against Croatia and Sweden showed problems with the self confidence and psychology of Veselin Vuković’s team.


Norway’s national coach had a courage to talk about his teams’ chances for the semifinal, but everything “fell down” after the defeat from Hungary in the Preliminary Round. Main Round with Spain and France just showed to the Norwegians that they are still far away from medal games…


Swedish star, who was waiting for WC 2011 for his come back to the court after serious injury, just “survived” Preliminary round after which he had to leave his team, again. It is really sad, what injuries can make for someone’s career. Kim knows that better. Maybe Sweden with him could win a medal, but we are yet to see that…


One of the best part of the Croatia at the EURO 2010 in Austria, was the worst in Sweden. Alilović, Šego, and Pešić have to find their mistakes and rise, because, without them, Croatia can’t reach the Final day…


We expected more from them. Maybe not to qualify for the Main Round, but still, not to lose against Japan. Szilagy and others showed us that the EURO 2010 was just a “home team” symphony.

What is wrong with Egypt and Tunisia? Africans handball has problem to be competitive with Europeans and that is so obvious…



  1. Wisla

    15. May 2011. at 08:07

    Heh, Bogdan Wenta, good job – you and you favourite players from “Iskra” Kielce.

    Haha, Boguś Wenta, dobra robota – twoja i twoich ulubionych graczy z “Iskry” Kielce.

  2. Brian

    10. March 2011. at 22:41

    Austria just can’t cope with the quickness of Japan…

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  4. Henning Andersen

    16. February 2011. at 12:29

    Planet Handball tipping Denmark for 7th place – epic fail!

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