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WCH 2013 TOP 10 disappointments: Vujin, Narcisse, Abalo, Lijewski…

Handball-Planet.com presents TOP 10 dissapointments of the World Championship 2013 in Spain – players who had to give more…

Marko Vujin
Daniel Narcisse
Luc Abalo
Barna Putics
Krzystof Lijewski
Marcin Lijewski
Bjorgvin Pall Gustavson
Silvio Heinevetter
Bo Spelerberg
Mikkel Hansen



  1. Luke

    1. February 2013. at 11:48

    Marcin Lijewski was called up after the World Championship had started due to injury of Polish substitute playmaker, he didn’t prepare for the tournament with the team and it was a kind of favour to the coach because he was not to play for Polish national team anymore. So I don’t see any disappointment there. Instead of him you surely could list Michał Jurecki, who used to be one of the best players of Polish team but in the Spain World Championship didn’t play anything

  2. leFnake

    31. January 2013. at 17:11

    I rather agree with your list, but some explanation would be appreciated…

  3. hhpp

    31. January 2013. at 16:27

    and Michał Jurecki

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