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When handball comes first, everything else is in the right place

In the handball world, there is so much information, and it is becoming more and more difficult to connect this information into one logical idea. However, somewhere on the Internet, a place that can help you has appeared – Handball Vortex (https://www.handballvortex.com/).

What is Handball Vortex?

Handball Vortex is a platform that enables the placement of expertise in the field of handball. How? By connecting experts – coaches who provide knowledge and users who need that knowledge (coaches, sports workers and players). Until now, it was unthinkable to find trainings of handball experts, answers to the most common handball questions and doubts, new knowledge about recovery, and as well as new tendencies of psychological preparations in one place.

The content available on the platform represents digitized coaching knowledge and experience. What exactly does that mean? Methods of learning technical and tactical knowledge in the game, exercise methods that stimulate the development of fitness abilities as well as modern theoretical methods, psychosocial and competitive preparations of athletes and teams are available. The Handball Vortex platform itself is accessible from any device, and the search and the ability to find the desired topic is very simple, by selecting and filtering the list of authors, topics, languages.

Who is it for?

The results of the research, which preceded the launch of the platform, indicated a great need for education in relation to practical knowledge. The handball coaches who participated in the research pointed out the importance of the quality of the content that needs to be offered. Whether you are a beginner or someone with experience in coaching, coach-authors offer through the platform their knowledge and experience on selected topics, without hesitation.

What are the benefits for users?

It is very important to note that this type of transfer, through the platform, does not want to compete with the traditional approach to sports education (faculties, seminars, courses and additional educational material). On the contrary, the primary goal is to complete the existing offer and enable an easier race with the resource when there is less and less time.

On the contrary, the primary goal is to complete the existing offer and enable an easier race with the resource when there is a lack of it, and that resource is time.

Basic product features:

⮚ Low cost of access (most people have internet access)

⮚ Ease and security of access to the content of the platform, as well as a high degree of Internet access via Internet from any device (computer, tablet, phone)

⮚ 24/7 content available on any device

⮚ Possibility of “expert to many” communication anywhere any time.

⮚ Time saving as a modern resource

⮚ Flexibility (revision capability)

⮚ Premium product at the best price

Who are the coaches – authors?

Competition is something that is inherently sport and it comprises the natural need of coaches to learn and “steal knowledge” of the coaches who made the ultimate sports result. A number of authors on the platform belong to this group.

On the other hand, there are extremely high-quality methodologists in the coaching business, who are very often in the shadow of the top results, and they are a significant part of the same. These authors offer a different, but extremely high-quality content. These are coaches who are primarily focused on the development and creation of top athletes.

Another important goal is to make the Handball Vortex a digital handball hub. In this context, all authors who “have something to say” will have an open opportunity and logistical assistance to become trainers – authors on the platform.

How does a user access content that interests them?

This practically means that all products have an identical form, which represents a certain value for users, but also significantly simplifies the production process. The standardized form would include:

✔ Conceptual processing of the chosen topic

✔ Methodological precision in relation to the chosen topic in the 2D diagram

✔ Display the selected topic in 3D format

✔ Ability to quickly search and filter.

✔ Openness to fast two-way communication for the purpose of a satisfied customer.

✔ Possibility for additional and timely information about new content-products.

When the customer decides to make a purchase, he receives an e-mail confirmation that the transaction has been successfully completed and, in that confirmation, he receives a link to a protected page showing the entire product. Additional value for the client is the standardized form because in this way he can create his own electronic training base.


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