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“Why is Malmo Arena empty?”: Let’s keep eyes closed…

A lot of empty seats at Malmo Arena, when matches don’t play the Swedish teams, obviously isn’t a good promotion of top handball product like Men’s EHF EURO 2020. The start of the previous day, match of Slovenia and Portugal literaly has been seen by nobody at 14.000 seats Arena.

Ex-CSM Bucharest coach, Serbian Dragan Djukic, had a statement on his Facebook about it.

  • One of the most interesting days in the history of the ECh and in the hall just teams and officials.The reality we do not want to accept,the rules we do not want to change and the “handball love” from we just want to benefit.Let’s keep eyes closed and stay away from global sport! – wrote Ex- Israeli, Macedonian, Montenegrian, Great Britain national team coach.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nikola

    22. January 2020. at 21:44

    Well of course, for as long as the target is the profit for Michael Wiederer and the ones close to him and not for the attention of the world public hamdball will not be accepted worldwide. We still have plenty of matches the final score of which depend on the referees persuation. We got the VAR but except for the referees o one else can see what they see on their screen. We still have BIG and small teams and it is a rare case when small ones win against the others and they almost never do when the score is tight. Bring the hamdball to Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia. Let us organize promotional matches at national football stadiums, bring along the teams of France, Spain, Norway, Denmark and see if any seat will be empty. The income will be rocket high from TV rights from Germany only. The rest will be just bonus for you. Onr small step for you, but a great one for the handball

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