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Wisła wins against Chrobry, fantastic play by Wichary!

In the last match of the fifth week PGNiG Superleague Orlen Wisla won against Chrobry Głogów 38:21 (19:11). Guests from Głogów had a nice start of the match. They rapidly leading after 5 minutes 3:1 and after 15 minutes was still good score for Głogów (6:6), but later, on the pitch there was only one team. “Oilers” began to play faster, more aggressively in defense and very good in attack. From that moment everything looks as it should. The opponents made mistakes. As a result of taht 15 minutes Wisła shoot 13 goals, and Chrobry only 5. On half-time it was 19:11. In the second half in goal Orlen Wisla change goalkeeper. On the floor appeared Marcin Wichary. We had to wait only few minutes and Wichary started to play FANTASTIC handball. Great “Wichura” had a lot of fenomenal interventions in goal. Głogów had big problem to shoot a goal and Wisła didn’t think about slow down, increasing the lead to 11 goals already in 42 minute of the match. In the end Lars Walther’s team won the Chrobry by 17 goals (38:21)! “Oilers” returned to the first place in PGNiG Superleague.

Orlen Wisła Płock – Chrobry Głogów 38:21 (19:11)

Wisła: Šego, Wichary – Wiśniewski 2, Kubisztal 7, Kavaš, Ghionea 9 (5), Twardo, Toromanović 2, Nenadić 9, Paczkowski 1, Ilyés 1, Eklemović 1, Nikeević 4, Zołoteńko 1, Spanne, Syprzak 1

Chrobry: Zapora, Kapela, Stachera – Jankowski 2, Bednarek 2, Świtała, Kuta 6, Łucak, Płaczek 2, Ścigaj 5 (5), Piętak, Płócienniczak 2, Mochocki, Gujski 1, Czekałowski 1, Wysokiński

Suspensions: Wisła – 6 min; Chrobry – 14 min

Referees: Piotr Wojdyr, Paweł Kaszubski (Gdańsk)

TEXT: Wojciech Wisniewski

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