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Xavi Pascual not optimistic about season: It’s crazy to follow this calendar

The Sacyr Asobal League will start on September 2 and the EHF Champions League on September 16. 

However, Barca Lassa coach Xavi Pascual isn’t so optimistic that everything will go under schedule due various situation with corona-virus pandemic.

In an interview with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Spanish coach said:

  • As much as it is planned right now, no one tells us that this will not change tomorrow. I am not sure that it can start on the dates that are set. Nor am I clear that the Final Four of the last Champions League can be played in December. We will have to be on the lookout, have people ready, try to play handball again, to see if it is possible and under what conditions. And that is what we have to worry about right now. Because with the issue of calendars We cannot do anything, the situation and the development of what is happening will mark us, “said ‘Pasqui’ and added:

– If the calendar develops as planned, it is crazy.  There is no rest for the players. There are national team competitions, there are club competitions and people are going to want to recover that and they are going to have to put more games in between. I am very concerned, but we will have we have to innovate in many things, in training and in competition. We are going to think about how not to lose this season, but at the training level we are going to have to be much more careful because the load it will be spectacular.

EHF CL winner from 2011 and 2015 will take care about his players from August 3…

  • Thinking about beyond is difficult because we may start and in three weeks we will be stopped again. You have to prepare to be well, as healthy as possible, to be able to compete as soon as possible, when the competitions tell us, but it will be difficult, it will be a strange year. We are going to test players on a physical level, but above all we are going to do the pertinent tests to know the issue of the coronavirus, how it has affected them, if any have passed it, if they have not passed it, if we are able.” When we have the results we will start training.

Barça have signed Blaz Janc (23 years old), the Brazilian left back Haniel Langaro (25 years old), the Portuguese pivot Luis Frade (21 years) and Slovenian center back Domen Makuc.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    2. August 2020. at 21:26

    The players have been sitting around doing nothing since March, I don’t think they need any more rest.

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