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Swiss government prepares 95.000.000 CHF package for sports

The Swiss Handball Association (SHV) has announced that “currently working intensively on the creation of a stabilization concept that is intended to help handball interest groups as a basis for obtaining federal support. An important date for all those affected is August 23, 2020″. publishing complete statement…

The federal government has spoken in favor of a stabilization package for Swiss sport amounting to around 95 million Swiss francs for 2020 in order to be able to cushion failures as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. The Swiss Handball Association (SHV) is currently developing the stabilization concept requested by the federal government and will inform all relevant interest groups in detail about it in the last week of July (please only ask the SHV after shipping from August 1).

They then have the opportunity to prove their damage caused by Covid-19 to the SHV until August 23, 2020 . The SHV then, like all other sports associations, submits its stabilization concept to Swiss Olympic. The umbrella organization of Swiss sports makes the concepts plausible and concludes a service agreement with the respective association. This service agreement specifies the financial extent to which the association concerned can participate in the stabilization package spoken by the federal government this year. It is then checked whether and to what extent the damage to the applicant can be compensated.

The final beneficiaries of the stabilization package can be, for example, clubs, regional performance centers, hall operators and organizers of sports events.

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