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Zagreb’s anger on Veszprem: No fair play in Harkov – Handball anti-propaganda!

C.O Zagreb stayed out of EHF CL TOP 16 after surprising defeat of MVM MKB Veszprem in Ukraine, where Motor won 26:22 and secured the first ever TOP 16 for one Ukrainian team. Croatians beat Russian Sankt Petersburg 26:24, but that wasn’t enough to progress in knock-out stage. Huge dissapointment at the end and anger on Veszprem.

C.O Zagreb sent official statement to domestic media in which they describe what happened…

‘To whom it may concern,

We address you with concern regarding the 10th round match of the Velux EHF Champions League, between the HC Motor Zaporozhye and Veszprem, played on February 22. 2014. in Harkov, Ukraine. We consider that anyone, with even the outside knowledge of the rules and sprit of handball game, may find evident that Veszprem team had played way bellow the standard and quality they displayed in all the previous matches of the Velux EHF Champions League.

With that kind of attitude, which represents an unfair and unsportsmanlike behavior, HC Veszprem had put their rivals, HC Motor Zaporizhye in a favorable position. The favor which the HC Motor Zaporozhye had been given by Veszprem on Saturday is in vast disparity to the matches played against other participants of the Velux EHF Champions League Group A, in which the Veszprem team had put in a display worthy of their name and individual quality of their players. We would also like to remind all the media representatives, that the last match against the two sides played on September 10, 2013. ended with the score 44:27, and therefore a 17-goal difference in advantage to the Hungarian champions.

Albeit the decisions regarding the starting lineups as well as the tactical approach against the opposition are solely up to the coach of any team, in behalf of the HC CO Zagreb we find that the approach, or rather the lack thereof, from the players of Veszprem handball club, had made a grave damage. It is not only the HC CO Zagreb, that would in case of Veszprem victory, go through to the elimination stage of the tournament the damaged party here, but the game of Handball itself, on which face they’ve spat on with their performance in Harkov.

In no uncertain terms; we find such or any similar conduct a slap in the face to the credibility of the EHF, and the match played on February 22nd in Harkov should serve as a prime example of blatant avoidance of fair play.

Considering we found the official response from the EHF, regarding our complaint of the catastrophic refereeing in the 9th round of the Velux EHF Champions League game which saw HC CO Zagreb hosted by Veszprem absent; and therefore the lack of one can be expected in this case, we find it our duty to the fans, and the clubs with whom we share this competition for more than twenty years,  to point out on another scandalous refereeing performance.  It is, of course the Velux EHF Champions League 10th round match, between HC Motor Zaporozhye and Veszprem, in which the Swedish duo Kurtagić-Wetterwik were refereeing.

Truly convinced that the above-mentioned incident, and a bad image it brings for handball is not in the best of interest to the governing body of the EHF, we expect the official reaction from the EHF, regarding the Velux EHF Champions League match played on February 22nd between HC Motor Zaporozhye and Veszprem, as soon as possible.

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  1. The true!

    23. February 2014. at 15:34

    Hi Zagreb Team!
    Why you are not won in Ukraine?

  2. TIPP-MiX

    23. February 2014. at 13:49

    3,25-ös odds volt a Harkov győzelmére.

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  4. MKB fan

    23. February 2014. at 10:14

    F*ck EHF along with CO Zagreb!
    I think under the actual ukrain conflicts EHF board of directions and CO Zagreb team should have been travelled to Ukrain! At least this match must be cancelled!

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