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Zika Bogdanovic BLOG about final: Mikkel, Sander, you have 60 minutes to decide who is the best!

When I read Veselin Vujovic’s blog about the final “which would to take 8 hours”, I renew the feeling from Friday night, when I enjoyed in Norwegian dismantling of Germans in Hamburg. It could last until morning, and won’t be boring.

Let’s handball to be like that, clean, TOP, without fear in front of 13.000 fans who whistling, with referes who have solution for those who think that they play rugby…

It is tough to describe Sander Sagosen, as well as Mikkel Hansen. Perfection is just perfection. You don’t need to explain anything, you just enjoy. Mikkel is for many years on stage and we know everything about him. He has a shoot like on “playstation”. He is scoring like 20 IT guys, software developers write code together with all possible angles in which balls going over goal-line. His vision is like from the “watch-tower”. But that means nothing if you don’t have this NBA pass which going through 16 hands, 8 legs, and serving the ball on the plate. He is the guy without dribbling 1 on 1, but he don’t need it to be beaten or riven in many clashes with angry defenders. It is enough that they are affraid of him…then he is doing his way…

Sagosen is different. I am using often sentence in which describing that there are many best players on the world in different eras, but there is only one handball king – Nikola Karabatic. If someone was born in decade after the crown, who has some dose of his blood and who will grow up alongside him – that is Sander. Prince Sander.

In comparation with Mikkel, for those handball fans who like more tears and fight, Sander is a hero. He isn’t avoiding to put paws of any bloody defender on his neck and pull them until he breaks them. He has “cojones”. His overview of the game is fantasy. His pass feed all around. It looks like he can’t lose the ball. He became calm, slow, than he speed up, explode. He is quick with shot power bigger than Nikola’s in his best ages. He reads the game like Pastor and Raul Gonzales kidnapped him and kept in the classroom for a year.

Guys, you have 60 minutes to decide who is the best. 

Enjoy! It will be clean, it will be nice, it will be a real handball!


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