Zoran Gobac: Russians “betrayed: us, gave the EuroChampionship to Poland

As we all know, the European Championship 2016 has been given to Poland. Even though Croatia was the favorite, as Zoran Gobac claims (Croatian Handball Federation Vice-President), in the last moment the Russian Federation and the countries that came out of the Soviet Bloc “betrayed” them.

We were betrayed by the former Soviet Bloc countries led by Russia. Overnight they changed their mind, and gave the European Championship to Poland through voting them. We were also left without some votes of the Mediterranean countries. It’s most likely because our people “beat” them to the chairs in the European Handball Federation (EHF). Lidija Bojic Cacic, Sinisa Ostojic, Dragan Nachevski – they all took important seats ahead of the “their” candidates. – said Gobac.


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