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Argentina’s 14 to travel to London decided

Argentina, the team that will try to defend South America’s honor in handball at the upcoming Olympic Games in London have chosen the 14 players that will take part of the teams quest at the Olympics. Eduardo Gallardo will take the following players:

Gonzalo Carou – Ademar León (Spain)
Federico Fernández – Ciudad Encantada (Spain)
Fernando García – Vernon (France)
Andrés Kogovsek – SAG de Villa Ballester (Argentina)
Damián Migueles – SAG Polvorines (Argentina)
Federico Pizarro – SEDALO (Argentina)
Pablo Portela – River Plate (Argentina
Leonardo Querín – Conversano (Italy)
Matías Schulz – Anaitasuna (Spain)
Diego Simonet – US Ivry (France)
Sebastián Simonet – US Ivry (France)
Federico Vieyra – Istres (France)
Guido Riccobelli – UNLu
Juan Manuel Vázquez – River Plate (Argentina)

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