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Arnautovic left Crvena zvezda after Perunicic’s attack!

Two legends clash in the locker room of Serbian vice-champion, Crvena zvezda, finished with a quit of Zlatan Arnautovic from the position of the goalkeepers coach. Former goalkeeper of the Olympic winners, Yugoslav team from OG in Los Angeles in 1984, left the club after accident with Crvena zvezda’s Director, Nenad Perunicic, who, in his word “try to eliminate him” after one training session:

– I didn’t deserved that kind of relation from Perunicic. He has to say to me “Thank you Zlaja, why you are with us” and not to try to psychicaly eliminate me. He missed me three times with his fist. I don’t know, how it would be on the end, if there was no people from the team, member of the coaching staff. I am 20 years older than Nenad…

Day before, Nenad Perunicic admit that there was problem with Arnautovic, but he said that his “broken movie” is only a consequence of the very difficult situation in the team without money and trophies last three seasons.

Source: Sportski Zurnal
photo: MN PRESS

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  1. Jagodinac

    5. June 2011. at 20:32

    Biti vrhunski sportista a biti i kvalitetan karakter ne ide obavezno jedno sa drugim. Sramota za Perunichicha ako je pokushao fizichki da napadne golmansku legendu bivske SFRJ. Zaista sramota jer je Arnautovich bio legenda dok je Perunichich kakio u pelene.

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