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Pan American “All Star Team”: Simonet, Oneto, etc…

Argentina celebrating the third Pan American gold in a row. Here are the best players and scorers of the tournament which is held in Uruguay.

All Star Team of the Pan-American championship:

Goalkeeper: Maik Santos (BRA)
Left wing: Alejandro Velazco (URU)
Left back: Akutaneek Kreutzmann (GRL)
Center back: Diego Simonet (ARG)
Right back: Rodrigo Salinas (CHI)
Right wing: Federico Pizarro (ARG)
Line player: Marco Oneto (CHI)

Top scorers:

1. Akutaanek Kreutzmann (GRL) 43 goals

2. Rodrigo Salinas (CHI) 40 goals

3. Adam Elzoghby (USA) 34 goals

4. Wesley Freitas (BRA) 29 goals

5. Federico Pizarro (ARG) 26 goals


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