Wikipedia announced pots for Qatar 2015 draw!?

Draw for the Men’s World Championshipn 2015 in Doha, Qatar will be held on July 20. All eyes of handball community will be in the desert where the first event of expected best month in the handball history in January 2015, will take place. Here are the Pots for the Draw according Wikipedia..

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6
  •  Spain
    (The defending World Champions and 3rd from Europe)
  •  France
    (champions of Europe)
  •  Denmark
    (2nd from Europe)
  •  Croatia
    (4th from Europe)
  •  Poland
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Sweden
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Russia
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Macedonia
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Austria
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Belarus
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Algeria
    (Champions of Africa)
  •  Czech Republic
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Argentina
    (champions ofAmerica)
  •  Slovenia
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
    (Euro playoff)
  •  Tunisia
    (2nd from Africa)
  •  Egypt
    (3rd from Africa)
  •  Brazil
    (2nd from America)
  •  Qatar
    (Host and Champions of Asia)
  •  Bahrain
    (2nd from Asia)
  •  Iran
    (3rd from Asia)
  •  United Arab Emirates
    (4th from Asia)
  •  Chile
    (3rd from America)
  •  Australia
    (Champions ofOceania)
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gustav

    2. July 2014. at 12:52

    Come on, it’s just a guy (Daly tun) putting fake info with no source. HE created an account just for this.
    He did it 2 times since 26 june.

    That’s not a news.

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