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10 years of Handball-Planet.com: Our mission won’t change – We promote handball!

On May 1 2010, Handball-Planet.com was born. One of the very few handball media on English language, celebrating 10th birthday.

Mission stayed the same. Despite financial boundaries which don’t let us to make fully proffesional media team which will cover more topics on daily basis, we won’t stop to love handball and giving the best we can.

“After 2007, when I established Balkan-Handball.com, my thoughts were orientated in making some content on English, which handball world needs so much, even today. Initially, the moment when I decided to make handball planet, was a google search in which you could find Thierry Henry playing with hand in football match of France and Ireland, much more often when you write “handball” instead of real handball topics – says Zika Bogdanovic, editor of Handball-Planet.com:

“I have to be satisfied with all we have done for 10 years. We put a lot of topic on the table, we discussed about many things in which “click websites” aren’t interested for. Actually, I am completely sure that 99% of journalists would give up after few years in our working conditions and money flow. We are doing almost without incomes, with some youth camps and tournaments who recognized chance to get more international attention. However, we know that our mission is to continue and that make us happy.”


“Definitely, the thing which make us proud is WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER and COACH project. We began in 2011 with combination of handball journalists and fans opinion which always put the best players on the TOP. Our Contest, I would say, it’s very professional, fair and reliable. I am happy that thousands of people and media from all over the world following it every year.” 

This was only the first decade. Long live handball!

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