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Germans and Poles refreshing “WC Final 2007” memories

After famous final of World Championship 2007 in Koln Arena (Deutchland – Poland 29:24), two national teams didn’t continue with big results. Instead, Germany failured on all of three big events with lower point at last EURO 2010 in Austria, where team of coach Heiner Brand took 10th place.  On the other side, Bogdan Wenta is with Poland keept high level of performances, which showing bronze medal from WC 2009 in Croatia and fourth place at EURO 2010.


In lack of finals, representative of two Federations, two Presidents, Strombach (DHB) and  Kranickiemu agreed to “refresh” final feelings in preparation for WC in Sweden 2011. “Lanxess” Arena in Koln will be again as in Februar 2007 place of meeting and date is December 7. Maybe it is time to return at the Top?

Last game called “Battle for Chicago” this two rivals played this summer in Chicago, USA. Germany won 27:26.

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